What services does StellarGRE offer?

StellarGRE is the Bay Area's only dedicated GRE test prep company. We offer individualized private tutoring and small group classes taught by a master teacher with a perfect score on the test. Supplementary services are also available, including: graduate school admissions counseling and test anxiety coaching are also available. Finally, we offer psychological evaluations for testing accommodations.

Where is StellarGRE located?

Private tutoring sessions are held in a home office located in the Richmond District, San Francisco. Street parking is free, but availability can fluctuate given the time of day. Several bus lines (1, 5, 29, 31, 38) service the neighborhood and stop within blocks of the office. Group classes are held in a conference room of the Chancellor Hotel (433 Powell Street) within walking distance from BART (Powell Street). Skype sessions are also available for learners outside the Bay Area.

How often do lessons take place?

Tutoring lessons are 90-minutes long and are scheduled on a weekly basis. More intensive regimens are available as circumstances dictate and scheduling allows. Small group classes are 3-hours long and meet on predetermined weekday evenings over the course of 8 weeks.

How long does it take to prepare for the GRE?

It depends. The average student spends between two and four months preparing for the GRE. Differences in pre-existing knowledge, learning style, and target score account for this variability. All new students are given a diagnostic test at the outset of tutoring to answer this question with greater specificity.

How much do lessons cost?

Each 90-minute private tutoring session costs $300, which price includes the cost of materials. And each 60-minute grad school consultation session costs $300. Students can pay by cash, check, or electronic direct deposit. Small group classes cost $999 for an 8-week course, which price includes the cost of materials. This price undersells the corporate firms for group classes of comparable duration. Students can pay by credit card directly through the StellarGRE website. 

What kind of materials are included?

StellarGRE operates under the assumption that the best way to prepare for a test is to take that test — over and over again. Consequently, students are given a substantial amount of homework every week and encouraged to practice under simulated testing conditions. Through repeated exposure to practice sets that mimic the actual structure of the test, students develop the confidence and self-efficacy to perform exceptionally. Most study regimens culminate with a full-length, real-time diagnostic test created by ETS, the maker of the GRE.

How are lessons structured?

Private lessons are conducted like academic triage. Rather than a comprehensive survey of all the material a person could potentially encounter on the GRE, priority is given to the elaboration of concepts and techniques necessary to offset apparent deficits revealed by the weekly diagnostics. Efficient and solution-focused, lessons are designed to maximize the likelihood that students will respond correctly the next time they are presented with a similar question. Our objective is to raise your score as much as we can as fast as we can.

Do you have any testimonials from former students?

Yes. Many satisfied customers who have worked with Orion to prepare for the GRE have taken it upon themselves to share their positive experiences with the world. You can find their testimonies on Yelp and Google.

How do I schedule an appointment?

To obtain more information or to schedule an appointment, you can contact StellarGRE directly by phone (917-612-3871) or email (stellargre@gmail.com). Space is limited; if enrollment is full, students will be placed on a wait list and attended to on a first-come, first-served basis. Plan to plan ahead.

Who created the artwork for your site?

All of the beautiful paintings you see here are original pieces created by the inestimable Ashley Taraban. To view her extended corpus please visit her website.